About Melissa

Dr. Melissa McPherron is a board certified veterinary surgeon, with expertise and over 30 years experience performing orthopedics, soft tissue and oncologic procedures.

Melissa was born and raised in Kansas, attending veterinary school at Kansas State University. After graduation, and spending a year in general practice, she returned to a university setting, at CSU in Fort Collins, to complete an internship and 3 year residency program in small animal surgery.(1992)
In addition to clinical training at CSU, Melissa earned a Master’s degree in Surgery. After residency training, and passing a rigorous exam, she was certified as a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgery (ACVS). Melissa worked as a surgeon at Veterinary Surgical Service (VSS) , a busy surgical referral practice in Denver, CO, located at the Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado (VRCC). This position allowed continued exposure to a large caseload and interdisciplinary collaboration with other specialists, similar to a university setting.
In 2000, Melissa left VRCC, and started her own practice, Mountain Veterinary Surgical Associates, providing surgical services to a variety of practices in Denver, as well as the mountain regions of Colordo. In 2005, Melissa relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley, outside of Aspen, CO. She brings the expertise of a board certified specialist to western Colorado, working in a collaborative capacity with your general veterinarian. This ensures a comprehensive approach and integrated care for all patients, in addition to offering the convenience and comfort of working with your local veterinarian.
Dr. McPherron’s licensure in other states and diversified skill set allows her to work in multiple specialty hospitals outside of Colorado. In addition to the hands on work of a surgeon, she enjoys consulting and expert witness engagements.